December 5, 2007


Meet Luke Thomas.

On November 15, 2007, we officially found out that God has decided to bless our family with our second boy. His anticipated arrival is on or about April 3, 2008. I realize that many of you who read this blog are already aware of this news, but I thought you would like to see a picture nonetheless. The above is the only shot I have of him at 20 weeks as he refused to pose for a profile picture.

I must say I am excited that Jonah will have a baby brother. I look at the relationship my husband has with his two brothers and the relationship he has with Jonah, and I can't help but smile. Todd and his brothers talk on the phone almost everyday and really make an effort to see much of each other, though they live in three different states. I cannot get them off of the phone with each other during college football Saturdays - especially Todd and Tim - they hold "virtual hands" during the Gator games, discussing every play, every penalty and every coaching decision. It's truly hilarious to watch.

Oh and the way they are with each other's children! Todd loves his nephews, Noah and Wade, and the feeling is mutual. And Todd's brothers adore Jonah and celebrate his milestones along side of us. When we all get together, the house is anything but quiet, but you cannot help but enjoy their collective energy and the feeling that there is a closeness here that will grow more so with time. We are blessed indeed to have this family full of boys.

But I think what is most joyful about having another boy is having watched the relationship develop between Todd and Jonah these last two years and knowing that Luke will receive much of the same. They're close as only father and son can be, and I'm so grateful for that. On weekends, Todd and Jonah have little adventures together. They'll go out to breakfast and the park (I think they've been to almost every one in Atlanta) - playing outside for hours until Jonah literally can't keep his eyes open. He giggles the hardest around Todd, and I can tell already that Todd is teaching him to be strong and brave and the kind of man that God wants him to be.

And so as I wait out these last few weeks before Luke's arrival, I will continue to reflect on these blessings - knowing that Luke was divinely chosen for us and what an honor that is.