November 14, 2007

Two Years Old.

Two years old today, little man. 730 days to go from this:

To this:

Where is the time going? Happy Birthday, my love.

November 8, 2007

Four Years.

Today, Todd and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary, and he surprised me this morning just like this:

Well, okay, so not quite like this. It was just after six in the morning. Little Jonah was already awake and kicking away in his crib. I was sleeping in old sweatpants with spaghetti stains on them from Jonah the night before.

I heard Todd sneak into the room and climb into the bed. He then placed his hand on my shoulder and moved his hand in such a way that I thought he was pushing away a bug or something. I immediately sat up, causing the necklace to become lost in the bed, and it took me a few minutes to figure out that the above song was playing from the laptop he had placed on the floor. I began to giggle when I realized that he was trying to carry out this romantic gesture, and really, I wouldn't have had it happen any other way. It was the perfect representation of life as we know it - chaos and humor and courtship and sleeplessness all bundled into a commitment that I think of each time I look down at my wedding band.

I have loved this man since I was an eighteen-year-old college freshman, and it was a dream personified to stand before God and become his wife and partner. He is everything I could ever ask for in a husband and father.

I have so enjoyed this journey and look forward with anticipation as it all unfolds. Happy Anniversary, my sweet.

November 2, 2007


Lately I have been spending a lot of time in Jonah's glider. I don't really mind as it is actually quite relaxing. Jonah likes to be rocked sometimes, and I am happy to oblige. Some days he drifts off to sleep and other days he just giggles, plays with my hair and touches my face. It's all rather fulfilling.

Todd and I have implemented a new bedtime routine the last few nights. We let Jonah run up and down the long hallway on our second floor. He always begins this endeavor with such enthusiasm, sprinting as fast as he can to the other side and back. Eventually (and I do mean eventually as his energy seems endless), he tires and ultimately collapses into our arms ready to be taken to his room for prayers and bed.

Last night, about 30 minutes after Todd put him to bed, he began to cry and I went up to his room to see if he wanted to rock to sleep. As he lay across my stomach, I began to feel lots of flutters from this little one I am carrying inside. I was immediately overcome with a feeling of intense contentment, and I think I was for several reasons. This was the first occasion I have felt any real sense of movement from this pregnancy as I am just 18 weeks along, and I was happy to discover that feelings of excitement and wonderment were just as fervent as they were when I reached this milestone for my firstborn.

But more than that, I think the true reason for my contentment came with the realization that this was a tangible start to their bond as siblings. I have spent much time during this pregnancy wondering about this - how this new little one will fit with our family, how my children will get along and how my heart will adjust to the capacity of loving two children as much as I have loved having one. And I think last night, God was kind enough to give me a little glimpse and for that I am so very grateful.